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​​GOLDFISH is a British comedy-drama short narrative film, written and directed by Darius Shu, produced under Silverprince Pictures. It brings queer East Asian as well as the Asexual spectrum to the forefront. It will explore a range of what intimacy, love, companionship, and queer joy mean in this community. 

The story follows Vinnie, an asexual gay man who is in a loving relationship with Ryan, but as things progress over time, will the relationship fall apart when Ryan’s sexual desires arise?

Some of the themes addressed in the film include asexuality, LGBTQ, and self-discovery. 

We are all passionate about bringing this story to life, and your support will help make that happen. 


There is a lack of representation of telling asexual stories within the LGBTQ+ community and in mainstream media. Asexuality has not been explored in a positive light nor has it been given the focus it deserves for people to understand the spectrum that it exists at a relationship level and more so in the East and Southasian cultural context where it is completely taboo.

By focusing on an East Asian asexual gay man and his exploration of existence in a relationship, my film aims to bring much-needed visibility to an under-recognised, under-served subpopulation within the asexual community and wider LGBTQ+ communities. Capturing the asexual male experience serves to validate and demarginalise their existence within their own communities and the communities around them.

GOLDFISH will feature predominantly an East Asian and Southeast Asian led cast with a multicultural diaspora of secondary cast on screen and behind the screen. Yasmin Benoit, who is an award-winning asexual activist and represents the ace community, is involved in playing a role in the film as well as a script consultant. With her recent one-of-a-kind partnership project with Stonewall to raise awareness of asexuality, this film will drive conversations around this topic to a whole new level and be made accessible for an audience of all ages and backgrounds. 

This is the positive imagery and visual representation needed in the current political climate to advocate love beyond race, identity, and gender, and continue to challenge heteronormative ideas.

Support the film: GOFUNDME

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