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From the imagination of writer-director Darius Shu, GOLDFISH is a coming of age British East Asian comedy-drama that explores an asexual relationship between two young men that will redefine the meaning of love and companionship. This visionary film represents both the asexual and East Asian communities. GOLDFISH will be Darius's debut feature. With an ensemble of cast and an array of illustrious guest stars from within the community, this film embodies a fresh new paradigm that will reinvent the very essence of British Asian cinema for the next generation to come. 

The British film industry has lagged behind its American counterpart in terms of East Asian representation. Shu recognises this discrepancy and has undertaken a mission to challenge the status quo by spearheading a project that shines a spotlight on this community. Through Goldfish, Shu’s goal is to not only highlight the incredible talents of British East Asian artists but also foster an environment that nurtures their growth and amplifies their voices, in front and behind the screen. By telling authentic and compelling untold stories, Shu seeks to cultivate a cultural renaissance that celebrates diversity and bridges the gap between different communities. The film adeptly addresses the themes of asexuality and bisexuality, highlighting the critical significance of representation due to their infrequent portrayal on screen.


The nature of this project lies in its potential to serve as a catalyst for change, igniting a broader conversation within the British film industry. By setting a model example, Shu would like to inspire industry stakeholders to recognise the urgent need for increased British-East Asian representation and take actionable steps towards rectifying this disparity.

Everyone is having sex except Vinnie. But when Vinnie meets the perfect guy, it's sex that gets in the way. 

The film follows the journey of Vinnie, a 19-year-old on a quest to unearth his true identity as he courageously confronts the complex depths of his early teenage years, navigating a sea of anxieties and insecurities that set him apart from the crowd. Faced with the reality of being unable to forge a sexual connection with those who captivate his heart, Vinnie's soul yearns for acceptance and understanding. When Vinnie crosses paths with Ryan, they embark on a blossoming romantic relationship. Everything seems to be going well until Ryan initiates sex one night and both are thrust into a profound journey of self-discovery, challenging them to reevaluate every aspect of their relationship. In the pursuit of belonging and self-acceptance, they must learn to rewrite the rules of love.

Cast: Hiroki Berrecloth (The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, BBC Red Rose, The Garden of Words) and Benjamin Cheng (Heartstopper Season 2)

Kickstarter campaign to launch on Sept 10th, 2023. 

Filming to commence March 2024.

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I Just Want Something Really F***ing Exciting to Happen


Proposed 6 x 25min episodes

Comedy/Horror Feature Film

Mockumentary TV Series with

guest star Tim McInnerny


Lee Kum Kee x BIG ZUU: Leng Char Siu Campaign

Featuring two times BAFTA Winner Big Zuu.

Over 150k views on Instagram and TikTok. 

The branded content commercial directed by Darius Shu was viewed an impressive 43 thousand times on Lee Kum Kee’s YouTube page (and counting!), and received over 80 thousand views across Big Zuu’s Instagram and TikTok!

The content was highly engaged with earning over 5,000 likes on IG and TikTok, and generating hundreds of supportive comments from audiences and other celebrities, celebrating both the collaboration and the brand.

Audience Response: 

"Refreshing progression, a step in the right direction, oriental-themed ad without any stereotypical Asian" 

"The ad was fire" 

"The way you just made the brand relevant again"

Press: Bee Influence 

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His Hands

Nominated Best Narrative at Tribeca Film Festival 2019.

Screened for four nights at Village East Cinema in New York.

Interview & review featured on London Live, Attitude, Advocate and more. 

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Dekkoo

His Hands Poster with Official Tribeca Laurel_1920.jpg

I AM Norman 

Official Selection at Rhode Island International Film Festival 2021.

Official Selection - Shorts List: The Cinema @ Battersea Power Station 2023. 

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Dekkoo

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