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love telling poetic visual stories and creating arthouse films. 

always looking for collaborators and projects that push the boundaries of visual storytelling. 

big believer in the concept of 'show... don't tell'.

adore shooting stories that could impact the world and allowing me to

translate the emotions on-screen.

a music lover. i create energy in music promos. 

have shot with wonderful artists such as Lily James, The Vivienne, Omari Douglas, Billy Cullum, Gemma Chan, Kaya Scodelario, Big Zuu and Dominic Cooper. 

had my first directorial debut short film premiered at tribeca.

will be filming an original Netflix documentary film Peach Paradise (2022) with Shiva Raichandani. 

notable film festival selection

secret child (2018) - hollyshorts film festival 2018 

his hands (2019) - tribeca film festival 2019 

mical (2020) - la shorts international film festival 2020

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